Sometimes more needs something a little more.

Devising features that enable compliance professionals to work faster, more efficiently and more accurately is a feat, but it’s not always everything. Customs trade compliance is a dynamic and complex industry. New challenges arise and an upgrade, app or new feature isn’t always what’s needed. Sometimes the answer is a new strategy or a staffing solution, and in those instances, we are uniquely qualified to satisfy those needs as well.

We are more than an Customs technology company.

At CustomsNow we believe that technology combined with knowledge and expertise acquired through hands-on experience provides companies with powerful value. By doing that, we can provide something more than best-in-class software: we can guide customers to use our tools to their greatest advantage. Sometimes that is helping them to do it themselves in the role of trainer or assessor. Other times it is doing it for them in the role of licensed Customs broker, strategist or recruiter.

We’re a company created to be your perfect ABI & AMS partner.

As compliance gets more and more complex, customers need solutions that are more and more agile. That is the future that we at CustomsNow are building toward. We provide the smartest Customs software in the market and the best informed and farthest-reaching consultation and Customs brokerage services available. By doing that, we can provide you with what you need to profit—no matter what the future of global trade compliance brings.

Good Customs trade compliance measures are good business.

The complexity of compliance often supersedes the business of Customs. Our mission is to show that solving complexity supports efficiency, savings and profitability. It’s good for business, and whether the best route there is a technology or a new strategy, you’ll find it here and now.