Connect directly to Customs.

CustomsNow provides you with an ACE-certified Direct MQ connection with the CBP through the CustomsNow™ ABI and other applications. You don’t have to own your own connection or make a significant IT investment. Even when ACE is down, we provide advantages by proactively and continuously pinging the CBP to provide up-to-the-minute status and get your transmission queued to go through the minute ACE is back up.

CustomsNow software won’t overburden IT.

Our SaaS model removes complexity—including the headache of getting big capital expenditures approved or relying on your IT department for support. With CustomsNow, there’s no hardware, software, maintenance or updates—CustomsNow hosts and maintains the system and handles any IT support needs for you—even tariff schedules are updated automatically.

Our SaaS model makes everything else easy.

We handle implementation of the CustomsNow system remotely. We also make integration with your current freight forwarding or Global Transportation Management system seamless. You can use the CustomsNow system anywhere; files and functionality are accessible over the Internet on any PC.

Your data is safe and your uptime is assured.

The CustomsNow platform and our customers’ electronic assets are protected by redundant backups and power sources to prevent data loss and lapses in service. Your data is safely stored on Dell servers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring outstanding processing speeds and 99.9% uptime.

Up to the minute security measures protect you.

Your confidential information and crucial business systems are secure on the CustomsNow platform. Everything receives the same high level of protection from your POs and pricing information to your factory locations and everyday communications. AWS data center security is the tightest in the world. During transmission, your data is protected by RSA encryption combined with 256bit token-based session authentication.