You have a strong ally for every compliance challenge you face.

We’re here to solve your problems—or set you up with systems to handle them yourself. Our team consists of licensed Customs brokers, attorneys, accountants and financial professionals. We bring experience working on intricate importing challenges, and we apply our knowledge to help you reduce your risk of delays, vendor abuse, Customs audits, and penalties that can cost you millions.

Global Trade Compliance

There’s a world of rules and regulations awaiting global traders. In addition, importers and exporters must be able to demonstrate to Customs that they have exercised “reasonable care” in their customs filings—a requirement that can be a huge grey area.

We’re your personal partner in compliance for all your challenges. We’ll help you set up reporting and monitoring of Customs entry data through the government’s ACE portal. We can provide the benefits of independent 3rd party assessments of your current compliance processes, provide benchmarking and recommendations.

CustomsNow can assist you in establishing a time-saving classification system for your products, and we’ll help you master valuation to keep you on the right side of compliance while you use transfer pricing agreements that reduce costs.

Our people can help you get certified under the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) to improve security and improve supply chain performance. We’ll even assist you in establishing an Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) program to take that a step further and reduce Customs scrutiny and audits by self-assessing.

Our tailored training programs help you fulfill CBP expectations to provide ongoing company wide compliance training. And we can help you develop an export controls system to ensure compliance with the State Department and Commerce Department. This is essential if you’re exporting controlled products that are defense-related or dual use (have both military and commercial applications.)

Customs Audit

Even if you consider your company highly compliant, you’re at risk of a Customs audit. Our seasoned, experienced professionals will review your current practices and make recommendations for improvement, or assist with improvement plans. We lead companies to protect their interests through a state of readiness, especially when the company falls within an area of scrutiny. We also help companies prepare for scheduled Customs audits, and can be at your side to provide mitigation during an audit.

Direct File Saving Strategies

Setting up a do it yourself process for filing your imports is simpler and faster when you have us do it for you. We’ll set you up so your company can classify products, pay duties directly to Customs, provide electronic data to brokers, arrange inland delivery and transmit directly to CBP and PGAs. Taking control also leads to greater compliance and risk reduction. Making the leap is easier than you’d think—most in-house compliance groups already perform 90% of the import process themselves. 

Trade Compliance Process Manuals

A fundamental step of ensuring organization-wide compliance is having clearly-stated written compliance guidelines. Having a document on hand can also be a key piece of proof in demonstrating “reasonable care” to Customs if you are ever audited. If you don’t have one, our professionals have created many of them. We’ll create one for you by evaluating your compliance processes, identify gaps, developing best practices and then documenting them thoroughly.

Duty Strategies and Tariff Engineering

Leverage our expertise to find ways to minimize your duty fees legally and add to your bottom line substantially. Our experts will direct you to take advantage of free trade agreements and special trade programs through duty strategies that include sourcing, first sale pricing and duty drawbacks. We’ll also provide Tariff Engineering guidance. Rely on our deep knowledge and problem-solving abilities to show you if it’s possible to make alterations to your product or process that lead to a more favorable duty category and duty rate.

HTS Classification and Customs Ruling Service

Our team has over 60 years of experience guiding customers in creating and maintaining systems for classifying their products accurately and advantageously. Using our expertise in the tariff numbers that determine duty rates and our knowledge of tariff rulings, we perform classification reviews to identify potential duty savings and reduce risk. Through the CustomsNow Item/Product Management system, we can create a system for efficiently storing, organizing, accessing and updating your classification information. 

Compliance Staffing

Stand up the capable compliance team you need for special projects and overflow. Easily line up substitutes when your team members go on vacation or maternity leave. CustomsNow is a rare resource for knowledgeable, experienced people who can step in and help fill your need on an onsite or offsite basis.  

Compliance & Entry Training

With the ideal combination of thorough software expertise, hands-on Customs experience and practiced training methods, our team provides quality training on CustomsNow™ ABI and ISF solutions. Our trainers are licensed brokers who can provide expert instruction and insight into the applications as well as companies’ compliance processes. Training is tailored to fit the needs of each company to focus on any filing entry or satisfy “reasonable care” expectations. Instruction can be provided on-site right in your office, in an interactive web-hosted session or through self-guided training that is available anytime and anywhere through our customer portal.

Reconciliation Filing Service

Bring a new level of confidence and competence to the process of managing complicated reconciliation filings. The role we play in reconciliation for global clients ranges from doing it all to simply handling the transmission to CBP. We will train your team on the CustomsNow Reconciliation ABI solution and provide ongoing support. Our team brings many, many hours and a decade of recon experience to your program and can effectively liaise with tax teams, finance departments and Customs.

Special Trade Compliance Projects

As the world gets smaller and more businesses go global, the number and complexity of compliance requirements grows. CustomsNow is the first call for many companies faced with unique compliance challenges. Whether it’s the latest turn in a trade war, changing regulations or compliance tangles caused by international mergers, we are here to help. As seasoned professionals, licensed Customs brokers and technologists, we have the knowledge and tools to turn today’s obstacles into opportunities.