Get the de minimis solution with maximus benefits.

Type 86 is the future—for a good reason. It allows filers to electronically submit low value so-called de minimis entries (free from duty and taxes) through Automated Broker Interface (ABI), including ones subject to PGA clearance. The CustomsNow Entry Type 86 or ET86 (aka Section 321) module helps speed your transition through seamless integration with the CustomsNow ABI Entry System.

Comply on the fly through Sec. 321 entries.

CustomsNow provides the expertise, the system and the upload tool to help you comply with all Entry Type 86 clearance processes—while leveraging the speed and convenience of electronic entries. Use our entry module to perfect your process of filing the required data elements with CBP prior to arrival.

Automate the process of your 321 filings.

Our system enables you to fully automate by pulling in electronic manifest data you already have into our module to make seamless transmissions to Customs. Easy and affirming: your entries flow through the CustomsNow ABI and into the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). This simplifies your entry process while reducing your risk of keying errors that can result in cargo delays and Customs audits.

Type 86 data elements are easily automated.

  1. The bill of lading or the air waybill number
  2. Entry number
  3. Planned port of entry
  4. Shipper name, address, and country
  5. Consignee name and address
  6. Country of origin
  7. Quantity
  8. Fair retail value in the country of shipment
  9. 10-digit HTSUS number
  10. IOR number of the owner, purchaser, or broker when designated by a consignee (conditional).

See the CustomsNow™ Type 86 Entry module in action.

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