Ace any kind of Customs filing.

CustomsNow™ Automated Broker Interface (ABI) software is a U.S. Customs-approved, ACE-Certified system. No system makes it easier to create and file any import entry type; informal, consumption, warehouse, anti-dumping, FTZ, and government.  Critical data for cargo release and entry summary is transmitted to Customs and the 3461, 7501, and other forms, are easily saved after entry submission.

Meet the Automated Broker Interface that perfects your process.

Look up Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes, Partner Government Agency (PGA) requirements, and other field requirements from one screen. Get your duties, taxes, fees and currency conversion calculated automatically. Seamlessly execute every aspect of your entries without leaving the system. That includes transmitting your entry straight to Customs, and receiving a response back within seconds.

Finishing your entry fast is only the beginning of the benefits.

Use CustomsNow ABI to receive release information from Customs instantly, pay duties electronically, monitor liquidation status, query cargo manifests, and perform reconciliation with the recon module. You can even process a delivery order and bill your clients through the system.

Streamline your processes through extreme automation.

CustomsNow™ ACE Entry (ABI) draws information into the entry system from your ISFs using ISF to Entry Sync, increasing your efficiency and reducing your risk of keying errors. Furthermore, by integrating electronic data from your other systems, you can fully automate filings. That leads to even greater productivity and cost savings with less errors.

Do it right—without errors, delays or penalties.

Preventing you from making costly mistakes is this system’s priority. For starters, data integration eliminates entry mistakes at the source. Item/Product Management’s (IPM) multiple level validations show you what’s required for your entry. Screen edits and final edit checks help you confirm there’s no missing or inconsistent data. And if you try to submit with missing information, the system prevents it. It even warns of anti-dumping or recommends special trade programs your entry may qualify for through SPI validation.

Keep your filings to Partner Government Agencies on the right track.

Preparing correct Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) entries is a critical and complex part of your job. So we made filing with over 20 PGAs a seamless part of our system’s workflow. Our Item/Product Management stores all PGA data about imported items for consistent and easy filings. Our system also offers the added convenience of the FDA’s product code builder built in.

Stay up to date without fail.

You never have to worry about keeping up with Customs changes. Every time you log into the CustomsNow ABI, you automatically get all the latest Customs updates.

Customize your reporting down to the part level.

Import data at the SKU or part level. Our system allows you to calculate Customs duties paid per item. Produce entry reports that are a game-changer come end of year. The level of detail you can achieve can make your reconciliation, drawback, or post summary correction (PSC) efforts more efficient and accurate than ever. 

User and budget friendly to put success within reach.

CustomsNow™ (ABI) software is accessible anywhere 24/7, so it’s ideal for professionals who are working from home or traveling. And you can have unlimited users. It’s all included in a low per transaction fee with no extra costs for updates, maintenance or online support.

See the CustomsNow™ ABI in action.

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