Our Customs knowledge and experience add depth to your team.

CustomsNow team members have worked for the largest importers in the country, CBP, tech companies, Customs brokers and law firms. We bring hands-on experience and knowledge to your challenges to achieve results. The knowledge we bring to your technical and operational challenges can help mitigate risks, delays, vendor abuse, Customs audits and penalties. 

Receive personal support from licensed Customs brokers.

CustomsNow is the only Customs software provider to have licensed Customs brokers overseeing all customer service. Live support is available 7 AM to 6 PM CST and afterhours online tickets are immediately entered into the support queue.

Our online support provides a rich source of anytime assistance.

Our online support center provides training guides unavailable anywhere else, and you’ll find user manuals with rare step-by-step guidance for PGA filings. The support center also provides a knowledgebase of articles, and keeps you in the now through industry news and constant status updates on Customs systems.

Our support provides continuous value.

We know what it takes to design and implement world-class systems. We’re here to help you put out fires as well as kindle opportunities to improve processes and increase profits.