Streamline your in-bond entries.

This is the solution that brings it all together. Instant visibility to the status of an in-bond provides peace of mind. Inspired functionality enables an efficient workflow that saves time and reduces risk for everyone.

When everyone is in the loop, efficiency happens.

Any Customs broker, carrier or importer with a filer code, SCAC carrier code or importer number (EIN number) can submit and update an in-bond entry electronically with the app. Plus, any party with access to the in-bond number can gain visibility to the status notifications, regardless of whether they were the original filer. In-bond status notifications such as “Accepted” to allow for movement, “Arrived” when it reaches the final port of clearance or export, and “Exported” once the in-bond shipment has left the U.S.

Create an IT, IE or T&E ASAP.

In-bond Filers, such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and warehouses can quickly create an Immediate Exportation (IE) or Transportation and Exportation (TE) or Immediate Transportation (IT) with CustomsNow™. The in-bond is transmitted to CBP via ABI (direct MQ line). Electronic approval is received within seconds, and filers can track an in-bond’s movement and closing through CBP status messages over the ABI.

Knowing with certainty saves time and money.

With our In-Bond Entry Solution, truckers and warehouses can easily run an ACE query to confirm the current status of any in-bond. Outstanding visibility enables warehouses to efficiently manage space and saves truckers from waiting to pick up because an in-bond is not accepted or on file.

Reduce risk through timely in-bond close-outs.

Avoid penalties and put your mind at ease by electronically “receiving” in-bonds with the CustomsNow ABI system. This means companies who are the recipients of cargo sent in-bond, or whose bond may have been obligated in an in-bond movement, such as freight forwarders, bonded warehouses, and others can know clearly and decisively that their in-bond has been closed out with CBP and they are released from liability on their bond.

Easy, intuitive functionality keeps you in the zone.

The CustomsNow In-Bond process flow guides users through every step and every field. Our online 24/7 help center and licensed support staff ensure an easy user experience.

In-sync with your needs on the administrative side.

Our SaaS delivery model relieves you of software installs, updates and service. Simple pricing structure allows unlimited users while relieving you of annual or monthly maintenance fees.

See the CustomsNow™ In-Bond Entry solution in action.

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