Unlock the unrealized potential of your import data.

Data integration provides one of the greatest dividends of the CustomsNow system. We’ll help you look at the data you have today—whether it’s from a freight forwarding system, ERP or Excel sheet—and show you how to easily pull that information into our systems and apps.

Automating Customs filing processes is easier than most companies know.

Our team brings extensive experience creating automated processes. By using data from your ERP, global trade management system and other sources, you can auto-populate nearly 90% of your import entries and 100% of importer security filings. The required data elements are mapped based on your needs and then uploaded to the CustomsNow ABI or CustomsNow ISF system to automatically create the entry or filing.

Integration and automation save entry filing time and more.

By integrating data from existing systems and automating your entries and filings, your staff spends their time validating entry information rather than manually keying in data. As a result vendors’ documents are more closely scrutinized, errors are corrected prior to entry and keying errors eliminated.

Create a fully automated ISF process.

Using the CustomsNow ABI and customized reporting functions, you could automate the entire ISF process and only have to look at it for exceptions. Then you could use the ISF data and existing internal data to automatically populate close to 85% of your ABI import entries.

Use exclusive Customs tools to optimize your efforts.

The CustomsNow Import Upload Tool makes short work of uploading data from a variety of sources. You can also store and organize data for future use using the CustomsNow Item/Product Management tool which allows you to repurpose data time and time again for entry after entry.