Complete AMS filings quickly, easily, compliantly.

Our AMS module enables you to leverage efficient features to copy data from duplicate manifest filings and use templates that save you time. It guides you through the process of entering form fields and uses validation features to ensure you’re submitting your ocean manifest correctly and timely with Customs.

Master your ocean manifests through full visibility.

After transmitting, you’ll receive an immediate validation from CBP that they’ve received your manifest. Check the status of your filings any time on the system with cargo manifest query. By being able to go straight to the source for update information, you can always be in the know, in compliance and in control of your liability.

Streamline your Permit to Transfer (PTT) filings.

The CustomsNow AMS app enables quick and easy Permit to Transfer (PTT) filings. Receive instant validation that CBP has your cargo information and that you can move the goods in compliance.

See the CustomsNow™ PTT Solution in action.

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