Self-filing software to live the dream.

You know you want the savings and control of direct self-filing. But you may be wondering if you have the stomach for making the leap. No direct filing software makes it easier to get started. You can do it in a matter of weeks and you don’t need a Customs broker’s license. We’ll stand over your shoulder as long as you want as you make the transition and start filing Import Entries, Import Security Filings, Post Summary Corrections and more.

Get licensed support from tech experts who are also U.S. Customs experts.

CustomsNow takes the scary out of compliance and self-filing. We offer more than tech support; we’re experienced, knowledgeable compliance support. We’re the only Customs software to provide support from such experienced licensed Customs brokers. Whether your question is classification-related or system-related, we have the answer. With CustomsNow solutions, your connection to a Customs broker is always there for you to use it—as little or as much as you want.

Handoff to our licensed Customs brokers any time.

Our licensed Customs brokers can be your licensed Customs broker anytime you need. Make a seamless transition to un-self file or bring us in when you have a complicated need. No other compliance software provider offers this convenience. CustomsNow is the only one that has a Customs brokerage to provide that safety net.

We’ll help you expand trade compliance and cut expenses.

Grow your compliance capabilities and take advantage of opportunities to improve business performance with the help of CustomsNow’s compliance consulting. Our team brings expertise working with some of the best-known global brands to your global compliance challenges. We can guide you in ways to save on duty fees and streamline your supply chain by reducing Customs scrutiny. Whether you need help with your training, staffing or preparing for a Customs audit, CustomsNow is a rare and valuable resource.