Sharpen your compliance game to meet today’s challenges.

Realities like transfer price adjustments and maquiladora operations, as well as valuation considerations like revenue sharing or commissions, necessitate a modern recon system. Hefty penalties await companies who improperly value import goods or miss timelines for filing. Our automation features help you declare the right prices and streamline your year-end true-ups:

  • Duty, fees, and interest get automatically calculated
  • Merchandise processing fees are fully automated with MINs and MAXs factored
  • Interest due is accurately supplied by the system
  • Recon reports are auto-generated

Simplify your recons for massive time savings.

Our system lets you auto create recons by uploading ACE reports. It also allows you to centralize file entries from all brokers and file true-ups for all entries, regardless of what system they were originally filed on. This feature is a rarity among recon software; it enables you to combine all your entries into one system and one process. This can save your company considerable time and effort when you’re preparing year-end recon reports.

Achieve new precision through greater control.

Your ability to centralize recons in our system enables better management and visibility. It also gives you the ability to automate calculations as well as headers, line items and associated files for CBP. This reduces the potential for human error and keying mistakes. Validations further increase your accuracy. And a direct connection to Customs enables quick transmissions as well as quick recon queries.

No recon software comes with this level of expert support.

In the complicated area of recon, expert insight can be the clincher when it comes to improving your processes, precision and compliance. CustomsNow gives you the leading-edge system and the helpful knowledgebase that can help you accelerate your success.

Leverage the software and support solution used by Fortune 100s.

CustomsNow Reconciliation Software is the brain trust of years of industry experience. Inspired by hands-on experience and fine-tuned over years of application, it is a tool unlike any other. And it is one of the only ones to offer support from licensed Customs brokers who are also recon experts.

See the CustomsNow™ Reconciliation System in action.

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