Electronic Invoice Filings through AES right here.

AES filings let CBP know who you are selling to, the value and the Schedule B number. The key to success is avoiding mistakes while keeping it from becoming a time-consuming process. 

Drawback claims easily filed electronically through ACE.

The CustomsNow™ ACE Drawback solution enables you to file for 99% duty refunds fearlessly and electronically through seamless data upload. 

In-Bond filings for easy Immediate Exports(I.E.), and Transportation & Exportation(T&E) filings.

Exporters of bonded freight can quickly create T&E (entry type 62), or Immediate Exportation (entry type 63) export filings with CustomsNow™. Data is quickly sent to Custom’s QP/WP in-bond system via ABI, electronic approval is received within seconds, and filers can track and update in-bond’s movement and closing through CBP status messages. 

Restricted Party Screening for due diligence for global trade operations.

Our denied or restricted party screening tool provides real-time and instant results, using the Consolidated Screening List (CSL), maintained by United States Government.   

Customs query tools offer an easy end-to-end solution.

The CustomsNow AES Solution guides you through a practiced process that leads to fast, easy and accurate filings. Search for your Schedule B number and up-to-date tariff rate from the system. Pull in data automatically or manually from a database like the CustomsNow IPM. Transmit your filing right to Customs and save a record—paper or electronic—of your transmission.  

Consulting support to stay in compliance.

There are inherent risks with exporting goods from the U.S. CustomsNow experts are here to offer guidance and support when things get complicated with controlled exports, dual use commodities, licensing and using “reasonable care” to vet buyers.  

See the CustomsNow AES Solution in action