Leverage the latest ABI technology and top licensed broker talent.

Our team of licensed Customs brokers brings decades of experience to your challenge. We have done every conceivable type of entry and worked with leading multinational corporations in many fields. We use CustomsNow™ ABI Software that we developed, to simplify your processes, to use data to help automate filings and to improve accuracy through integration.

Delegate Importer Security Filings.

We can help make sure you get your Importer Security Filing (ISF) in on time. Avoid the potential fine of $5,000 for late or missed filings. We’ll use our deep knowledge of ISF to help you comply within the 24-hour window.

Bring us in for any kind of import entry.

If it’s the peak season rush and you’re overwhelmed with import entries, we provide a seamless solution. If you want to hand off a complex reconciliation project, our team has the bandwidth and the experience to turn big headaches into non-issues. Our practiced processes ensure every entry is in compliance.

Put your Post Summary Corrections in our capable hands.

Post Summary Corrections (PSC) can be a pain to file. They can also put a lot of money back in your pocket. We’re PSC experts and we’ll file your entry quickly and efficiently—regardless of who filed the original entry—so you can get your refund fast.

Engaging our brokerage services couldn’t be easier.

If you need help and don’t want to wait, CustomsNow provides the way. Experience enables us to get up to speed as fast or faster than any broker in the business. By way of paperwork, All you have to do is fill out a power of attorney and we’re on it.