Gain the means for mastering FTZ compliance.

When you move uncleared goods from a port or airport to an FTZ, filing an e214 is in order. Our e214 module makes it a very quick filing with just a few data elements required. CustomsNow™ e214 and Foreign Trade Zone modules—available separately or together—provide the means for mastering Customs compliance and they’re supported by experts who know the technology as well as the FTZ process.

When it comes to e214 admission filings, the e stands for easy.

The system enables you to copy previous filings for recurring shipments and easily draw data from a database. Use our Import Trips wizard to simplify accessing filing details. Once entered, integration with our system allows for a quick concurrence of the admission, closing out the bill of lading, and moving the liability to the FTZ.

Our solution makes you a master of FTZ estimates and weekly entries.

CustomsNow lets you use the same entry process for both weekly estimates and final weekly entries. The estimate gets transmitted to CBP with your approximation of the amount of all the goods that will be withdrawn from the FTZ consolidated into one entry filing. The final weekly entry is based on the actual goods that left the FTZ. Our FTZ Entry module provides a simple process using our import upload tool or connection with an automated data file to complete the entry.

CustomsNow solutions provide synergies to FTZs.

Integration with the CustomsNow Import Entry system allows you to pull in large data files that simplify the task of doing weekly entries. Automated features enable you to use data from other modules to save time.

Benefit from expertise tailored to your FTZ’s unique needs.

Our e214 and FTZ modules come with the added advantage of being supported by licensed brokers with FTZ expertise. Available 24/7, they’re here to help simplify your complicated filings and support your FTZ’s success.

Get a walk-through of our FTZ solutions and talk through your processes.

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