Our customer-inspired services help you fill the gaps.

In the course of creating our best-in-class software for Customs filing and talking to countless brokers, importers and 3PLs, we had an important realization. It’s that tools, in all their amazingness, are only part of the solution that Customs filers need. Our service offerings are designed to help clients fill their knowledge, experience and talent gaps efficiently and effectively.

Our compliance consulting answers the ask.

Businesses that are just starting to export have questions that can’t wait. Companies in competitive markets need every duty strategy or cost saving break they can get. Importers have “reasonable care” training needs. And everyone at some time faces staffing challenges. Our consultants have decades of experience in compliance and are qualified and motivated to help. Learn more.

Even Customs brokers need Customs brokers sometimes.

Whether you’re an importer that’s facing a daunting recon challenge, a 3PL with a steady stream of eManifests or a Customs broker who’s temporarily short-handed, you need a solution you can count on. Our licensed Customs brokers have hands-on skills and hard-won expertise in all areas of compliance. They’ve worked for some of the largest importers and brokers in the country and have what it takes to dive in, get to work and deliver results. Learn more.


Meet with a CustomsNow consultant to explore your compliance practices and how our best-in-class software and services can help you do what you do better.