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EEI is the one filing you need to transmit to Customs before you ship your cargo internationally. Forget to file and your shipment could get held up—and it may well flag you for an audit by Customs later on. Your AES filing lets CBP know who you are selling to, the value and the Schedule B number. The key to success is avoiding mistakes while keeping it from becoming a time-consuming process.

Exclusive export tools offer an easy end-to-end solution.

The CustomsNow AES Solution guides you through a practiced process that leads to fast, easy and accurate EEI filings. Search for your Schedule B number and up-to-date tariff rate from the system. Pull in data automatically or manually from a database like the CustomsNow IPM. Transmit your filing right to Customs and save a record—paper or electronic—of your transmission.

Stay in compliance with the help of our expert support.

There are inherent risks with exporting goods from the U.S. CustomsNow experts are here to offer guidance and support when things get complicated with controlled exports, dual use commodities, licensing and using “reasonable care” to vet buyers.

Leverage our customized export reporting features to protect your interests.

We can set you up with best practices for keeping records that demonstrate you satisfied CBP mandates to exercise “reasonable care” in filing exports. The CustomsNow AES solution has reporting features you can harness for easy, accurate recordkeeping that help keep you on the right side of compliance.

Get a vastly better EEI filing process at a value.

To find a comparable AES filing solution, you’d have to buy an expensive freight forwarding system. The CustomsNow AES Solution, available as a standalone or as part of the CustomsNow ABI System, provides you with an easy, intuitive option at a fraction of the cost. In addition to smoothing out the complexities of filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) through CBP’s AESDirect, our solution provides you with expert support for every export.

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