Bonded Carriers save time, money and aggravation.

Use the CustomsNow Cargo Query module to gain visibility into when cargo is ready to pick up from the terminal. No more having to call your broker for the information; look for yourself. No more trips to the terminal only to be told to wait. Query, close and clear in bonds yourself to save brokers fees and get information straight from the source that can save you hours of waiting time. Execute timely closeouts of In-bonds yourself to reduce the risk of Customs penalizing you or withdrawing your ability to transport bonded cargo.

Easy money awaits Bonded Warehouses.

3PLs are amazed by how simple it is to query, close and clear bonds—actions they previously relied on a Customs broker for. Save money on broker’s fees while you gain visibility doing it yourself through the CustomsNow system. Knowing with certainty when Customs has cleared cargo can bring new efficiency through better planning.

Gain new control and reduce your liability.

Bonded truckers and bonded warehouses are liable for their cargo until the export in-bond closes out. If that bond doesn’t get closed out, the bondholder could be liable for penalties up to the value of the cargo or could even have their ability to handle bonded cargo pulled by Customs. The CustomsNow ABI enables you to have control over closeouts and full visibility into the status of the in-bond through Query.

Score points with customers by sharing Customs visibility.

Provide accurate updates to your customers and reduce delays that keep them waiting in the dark. Performing a query through CustomsNow lets you get right to the source for information and get back to clients quickly. You can even use our system to create a branded tracking feature on your website that enables clients to check on in-bonds themselves.

ABI & AMS modules are available as standalones.

For a simple annual fee you can purchase the entire software package. Or you can buy the select modules you need like Query and In-Bond as standalones.