Leverage a well-tested workflow management system.

CustomsNow uses a workflow management system specially designed to help you manage the move, set up automations and optimize your processes. Sometimes that involves creating an import process manual documenting your processes. From initial start-up to filing your first entries, our workflow system carefully guides you through the essential steps for a successful implementation.

We manage every detail for you.

Guiding you along an organized path makes the most of your time and ensures you don’t miss any steps. Supervised CBP testing is one of the most important phases, and we are there to ensure your first transmissions are successful. We’re with you throughout the process and beyond, providing training as well as intensive ongoing support after launch.

We believe in the value of making a powerful start.

Experienced project management, transparency and communication ensure a smooth and expeditious rollout. Speed is key because the sooner you implement, the sooner you can benefit from processes that boost efficiency, capability and profitability. We do what it takes to get you up and running and saving money—often in a matter of weeks.