Store all the data the CBP or Participating Government Agencies could need.

Don’t shortchange your compliance by the limitations of your ERP, Excel sheets or other system to store all the fields you need. Our solution allows you to enter and manage all the attributes you need—for all of your parts or SKUs. That includes origin and manufacturer as well as data relevant to FDA, FCC, DOT, Lacey and more.

It’s a database and a document base, too.

A dependable product management system is an essential for importers and Customs brokers alike. Imagine the power of having all the data Customs and PGAs could need as well as all the documents they could need—all in one place. The CustomsNow IPM Solution has an imaging module to tie relevant documents directly to items in the system. That includes C/O certs, rulings, and more.

Don’t just try—comply.

Take the guesswork out of the entry process to increase compliance and prevent penalties or delays at the border. A comprehensive and easy-to-use system pays off. Our IPM solution gives you the means to “own” your parts classification. By storing and disseminating accurate information with the attributes you need, you can demonstrate “reasonable care” in the event of a CBP audit.

Use a simple process for entering and classifying data.

Our team provides you with a simple file transfer protocol that will import new items, parts or SKUs from your ERP or GTM system into the CustomsNow IPM and leave them in an “unaudited” status. We help you keep the system up to date by establishing a streamlined workflow for entering new parts. Parts enter in unaudited form and the system guides you to classify them with tariff number and all the additional information. System validations identify expired tariff numbers and enable users to save time by doing mass updates.

Use automation, integration and sharing features.

Users can automatically or manually extract data from the CustomsNow IPM and share it with internal parties and systems or with 3rd party brokers and their systems. Easy integration with a host of CustomsNow solutions, apps and modules, like the CustomsNow ABI, provides opportunities for automation that eliminate keying errors and support consistent filing and improved compliance. The system makes it easy for IPM data to be used by many parties and multiple purposes, like auditing entries and reporting.

Get a world-class IPM without the high cost of a GTM system.

For a low annual fee, you can get the best part of a Global Trade Management (GTM) system at a value. For many brokers and importers, the CustomsNow ITM Solution is all that’s needed to build a product management system that makes a world of difference.

See the CustomsNow IPM Solution in action.

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