Control and centralize your PSC filings for success.

The CustomsNow ACE-certified PSC module makes filing simple. Connect to the source by correcting any entry yourself—your own and ones filed by someone else. Do it yourself and do it right. Request your refund fast and get the liability for an incorrect filing off your shoulders quickly and decisively.

Comply in style with U.S. Customs and Border Protection through ACE.

If a reportable change occurs to a Customs entry, the importer of record or an authorized agent is responsible for submitting a PSC to CBP through ACE within 270 days after the date of entry. Our solution takes the ease of the government’s electronic processes to the next level. Glide through the process in full compliance using the CustomsNow ABI.

Fast file any eligible PSC for a quick Customs entry correction.

Make short work of corrections using our customized templates to upload the corrected entry and line data. Our solution auto-creates the PSC. You simply save it and transmit the PSC right from the CustomsNow ABI to the CBP with the click of a button. Receive your approval in seconds.

Draw import data from multiple sources to reduce keying PSC.

With the CustomsNow your data source can be from anywhere: ACE portal, the Customs broker or a database like the CustomsNow IPM. Pull information in manually or let us help you automate the process.

Choose CBP’s accelerated liquidation option to get your money back.

Use our “Accelerated Liquidation” option to request that CBP liquidates your entry using the 2-week liquidation cycle. This feature initiates a fast and smooth correction process when a PSC results in a change in duties, taxes or fees.

Reasonable fees won’t cut into your import duty refund.

CustomsNow pricing features a one-time license fee for unlimited users, and a low per-transaction fee based on volume.

See the CustomsNow™ ACE-certified PSC solution in action.

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