Everyone must file an ISF, but not everyone makes it this easy.

The ISF, also known as the “10+2”, provides information to Customs regarding incoming ocean imports. U.S. importers who fail to file an ISF at least 24 hours before their ocean cargo leaves for the U.S. could be penalized $5,000. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) doesn’t give much leeway, but our app gives you plenty of help inputting, completing, and even automating filings and transmitting them to Customs.

Bring ISF data from different sources together seamlessly.

Our ISF app is designed to easily integrate data files from overseas shippers into your filing. What’s more, users can access the system from anywhere and file the ISF from anywhere. Anytime 24/7, too—which is great for filers halfway around the world.

Get leading-edge efficiency features for your Advanced Cargo Security Filings.

Do ISFs fast and with less manual data entry. Use the template, copy or pick function to blaze through forms, and leverage copy templates for your repetitive shipments. You can automate data entry two key ways: by pulling product details into your ISF from our Item Product Management List and by automating the entire process with integration. ISF data is sent to your import entry using the ISF to Entry Sync tool.

Manage every ISF type masterfully via dashboard and reporting functions.

In a glance, you can identify shipments needing attention as well as those that have a bill match and are good. The CustomsNow dashboard gives you a quick visual read on what you need to do from a timing respective. Custom reporting functions give you the fast facts you need.

Dot every i with data validation features that catch your mistakes.

Automatic data validation ensures you’ve included all the required data elements on the ISF—to help protect you from penalties or your cargo being held up in the U.S.

Unlimited users makes ISF easy to delegate.

CustomsNow ISF app can be used by anyone in your organization. There’s no extra fee for additional users and you don’t have to be a broker to file.

See the CustomsNow Importer Security Filing application in action.

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