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What’s up with the ACE Post Release Deployments? Get the latest here.

As a follow up to our June 27th, 2017 blog, announcing the delay of CBP’s July 8th ACE post release deployments, which was a follow up to our June 9th, 2017 blog announcing CBP’s deployment of ACE post release, which [...]

ACE Post Release Deployment – Hot off the press and one month to prepare!

On June 8, 2017, CBP issued CSMS# 17-000334 – ACE Post Release Deployment, and published a Federal Register notice announcing the implementation of a series of new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) capabilities effective July 8, 2017.  These capabilities include Collections [...]

Get the latest scoop on CBP’s Simplified Processes Initiative

On March 24, the NCBFAA sponsored a webinar on the Simplified Processes Initiative, presented by Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial Operations and Entry Division, US Customs Office of Trade Policy & Programs.  Here’s a summary: In 2011, CBP launched the Simplified Processes [...]

CBP offering free Simplified Processes Initiative webinar

The Simplified Processes Initiative (SPI) is an effort to develop a transformation strategy to optimize the process of importing goods through collaboration with the trade and CBP. Click here to view a summary of the information that presenter Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial [...]

ACE implementation winding down

After several tumultuous years there is finally a light at the end of the ACE tunnel.  The next significant release falls into the “Post Release” bucket and covers drawback, liquidations, duty deferral, reconciliation, eBond, as well as a few more [...]

How will CBP’s drawback program change in the coming months?

The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 included a sweeping “game-changer” for the CBP drawback program, providing numerous, significant enhancements to the drawback laws under 19 U.S.C. § 1313, long-sought over the past decade by both CBP and [...]

ACE: Full core trade processing, including post-entry, deploys January 14!

    US Customs is preparing to deploy capabilities that will complete the delivery of core trade processing in ACE. The date for the deployment and mandatory transition of these capabilities will be January 14, 2017. The capabilities in the [...]


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