Category: Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)

Updated CBP document on entry types by PGA – shows FTZ flexibility

On July 18th, 2017 CBP posted the recently updated ‘Entry Types by PGA’ document.  This document advises the trade which CBP entry type codes will require Partner Government Agency data, and when; either at cargo release, summary or other. The [...]

Lost your tariff number? Wondered the status of GSP? Read on…

  On June 29th CBP published CSMS message no. 17-000381 announcing the availability of Harmonized System Update (HSU) 1704, which went into effect on July 1, 2017. This USHTS update contains modifications mandated by the 484 F Committee (the Committee [...]

W Coast Trade Symposium recap: E-commerce is THE hot topic

  CustomsNow attended CBP’s West Coast Trade Symposium last week in Phoenix.  The theme was “Looking Ahead Together: What’s Next for Trade?”  Generally, CBP stated that they would continue to focus on the Priority Trade Issues, as well as the [...]

US Fish & Wildlife Service even regulates “pearl parties”

Importing oysters for a “pearl party”?  Better read this…. [...]Read More... from US Fish & Wildlife Service even regulates “pearl parties”

EPA imports: New enforcement of HTS flagging kicks in on 5/18

From CSMS #17-000253: On May 18, 2017, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) flagging for all Environmental Protection Agency programs for all filers will be enforced. Once the flags are enforced, the filer will either need to file the required information [...]

ATF importers: Updated ACE filing guide now available

The latest from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (CSMS 17-000248): The Department of the Treasury, Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has posted an updated ACE Filing Guide for TTB Related Commodities, V7.5. A list of changes [...]

ACE: CBP updates PGA Filing Status document

US Customs has posted an updated version of the PGA Filing Status document. The updated version includes the status of import and export PGA pilots, the accepted electronic filing methods, and indicates those PGAs that are no longer accepting paper [...]

Importers: This could be the cause of your FDA rejects

From CSMS #17-000227: CBP and FDA are in the process of updating the ACE PGA flags for FDA requirements.  Specifically, the tariff numbers that had flags for ACS OGA of FD0 are getting ACE PGA requirements updates to have either [...]


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