Loading DockAttention Carriers!  New CBP Requirement:  ALL In-bonds must be filed electronically, effective Nov. 27th, 2017!

As initially announced by CBP in CSMS# 17-000621 Publication of an FRN Concerning Changes to the In-Bond Process”, and the Federal Register Notice dated September 28th, effective November 27th, 2017, CBP will now require that all in-Bonds must be filed electronically, with only limited exceptions.

Under this new rule, ELECTRONIC in-bonds are required for ocean, rail, and truck merchandise, PLUS the six-digit HTS will also now be required.

The methods available to submit an in-bond are through ACE (manifest) or ABI (QP/ WP).  Read the Federal Register Notice here.

Bonded carriers and facilities can manage their own electronic filing process, and CustomsNow can assist with this transition.  We are an ACE-certified, ABI software provider with QP/WP functionality and licensed brokerage support.

The benefits of electronic in-bond filing with CustomsNow are:

  • In-bond Management:  Create, update and/or arrive in-Bonds electronically
  • Visibility:  See real-time in-bond, PTT, CBP status results in seconds
  • Control:  Query any in-Bond, bill of lading or airwaybill with CBP
  • Record Retention: Retain electronic results as evidence of release, arrival or export
  • Savings:   Save time and costs over manual or 3rd party processing

Please contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.   Tel:  888-669-7501 ext. 1 (sales), or email:  sales@cusomsnow.com  www.customsnow.com