Now that import entry processing has completely converted to ACE, reports in the ACE portal are rapidly replacing the traditional ITRAC reports as the source of ‘truth’ for entry information.  Finally, importers have access to the single source of data that CBP relies on, and data inconsistencies are a thing of the past (hopefully).

Unfortunately, though, most importers still struggle with obtaining entry level reporting that includes the importer’s Purchase Order and part/SKU numbers at the ENTRY LINE LEVEL.  Importers need this detailed level of reporting for many purposes, including:

  • Auditing their filings
  • Reviewing their overall import activity to find anomalies
  • Researching duty saving strategies
  • Preparing reconciliation entries
  • And more…

So, while ACE reports are somewhat helpful, they still do not provide enough granularity to be readily actionable by the importer.

One solution to this issue is self-filing.  When importers bring the filing process in-house and use data to automate the process, it’s easy to file at the part/SKU level.  CustomsNow™’s ABI system features a “Product List” (aka Parts File) which can capture ALL potential CBP declarations (e.g. HTS, FTA, ADD, Assist, etc.), as well as ALL required PGA information.

At the time of entry, users either select each part/SKU from the parts file or automatically upload an entry file, and all CBP and PGA data automatically populates the entry.  Entry is reviewed and transmitted to CBP, giving the importer line level visibility.  For non-self-filers, brokers will typically either consolidate some HTS lines to ease the data entry process, or will impose heavy charges to the importer for “additional entry lines.”  Not so with self-filing.

Filing at the part/SKU line level not only leads to increased productivity and compliance, but allows for detailed reporting on demand. Some of the most popular reports used by CustomsNow™ clients are:

  • Entries by Product – Isolates all entries and entry data for a given product or SKU, giving importers the ability to report on anything (duties, taxes, release time, SPIs, etc.) at that level.  Critical detail necessary for post entry work, such as protests, prior disclosures or reconciliation.
  • Duty Allocation Report – Allows the importer’s accounting department to easily allocate duty, taxes, and fees to specific P.O.s.  Both Daily and/or Periodic Statements can be ‘broken down’ to this level for accounting purposes.
  • Daily Status Report – Provides an overall view of all active entries, including CBP status messages.  Sorting on the ETA quickly identifies shipments which have arrived but not have cleared CBP and/or a PGA.  It includes a myriad of information (ie: container, BOL, and PO numbers, etc.) so that the reviewing party can quickly isolate shipments which may be of concern.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Parts File/Products List, or any of our other ABI solutions.