ace-logoOn Saturday, February 24th, as promised, CBP delivered ACE Deployment G, Release 4.  One of the critical pieces of this deployment was moving reconciliation entries into ACE, along with drawback, liquidation and other functionality.

If you file recon, here are the things you need to know…

  • FLAGGING:  CBP blanket flagging for recon is GONE.  Importers must work with their brokers, or self-filing software to ensure that entries which require reconciliation get the necessary flags at the time of initial entry.  Brokers/software systems should be able to set profiles to either blanket flag by IOR, at the Part/SKU, other even based on other criteria such as MID code.
  • PARTICIPATION APPROVAL:  CBP no longer requires IORs to gain pre-appoval  to participate in reconciliation.  All profiles are set in ACE to accept a flagged entry, and will not receive a reject.
  •  PROCESSING PORTS:  IORs are no longer assigned to a recon filing processing port.  Rather, if the are assigned to a CEE, then they should file there, if not, then continue to file at their assigned port.  New recon filers will be provided with instructions.
  • PAPPERLESS:  No more paper or disc submissions required.  The date the of the entry summary once an “accepted error free” message has been received on the ABI transmission, is the date of submission.
  • ACE REPORTS:  The much anticipated new Reconciliation universe and a new Liquidation universe reports are scheduled for deployment on March 17, 2018. Additional information will be provided on these report capabilities at a later date.

Long awaited improvements…. Happy Recon Filing!

Read more about CBP’s G4 ACE Deployment here.  Read more about Recon here.