retailstoresclosing2017The US retail landscape is rapidly changing. Pundits cite numerous reasons — Amazon, oversupply of brick-and-mortar stores, changing consumer shopping habits, etc. — but this chart says it all.  Combined with closings in recent years, and more predicted, it’s clear that retailers who want to survive need to rethink their strategies.

For those retailers who are looking to cut significant costs out of their import supply chain, consider direct filing with CustomsNow.  In a time where companies are looking to outsource processes to save money, direct filing is the one process that every importer should perform in-house:

  • Realize cost savings of up to 90% off third-party filing fees, an estimated savings of $100,000 per 1,000 entries
  • Eliminate “extra” fees — lines, invoices, handling
  • Gain soft-dollar savings from reduced errors and post-entry workload

Self-filers also see improved compliance rates and gain valuable control over their supply chain.  And CustomsNow offers free support by Licesned Customs Brokers, who have decades of experience working for large retail importers.  Learn more.