On December 15,2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that the 2021 Customs Broker Triennial Status Report and Fee Submission has begun. Licensed Customs brokers will have until February 28, 2021, to file a status report with CBP.

Every three years, licensed brokers must pay a fee of $100 when filing a status report with CBP. They must include whether they meet the requirements of 19 CFR § 111.11 and 111.19 and verify they have not taken part in any misconduct that could result in suspension. They must also state in a status report if they are “actively engaged” in CBP business, meaning they are “currently transacting or have recently transacted CBP business on behalf of others as a sole proprietor…” (CBP).

If the Triennial Status Report is not submitted on time, Customs brokers will have their licenses suspended and is subject to being revoked.

Brokers can submit their Status Reports online through the eCBP portal.