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W Coast Trade Symposium recap: E-commerce is THE hot topic

  CustomsNow attended CBP’s West Coast Trade Symposium last week in Phoenix.  The theme was “Looking Ahead Together: What’s Next for Trade?”  Generally, CBP stated that they would continue to focus on the Priority Trade Issues, as well as the [...]

ACE Portal: Updated CBP guidance for veterans and newcomers

  US Customs has updated web content to help users better understand the ACE Secure Data Portal —  perfect for members with existing portal access, and new trade members who are looking to gain access to the ACE Portal. The [...]

Get the latest scoop on CBP’s Simplified Processes Initiative

On March 24, the NCBFAA sponsored a webinar on the Simplified Processes Initiative, presented by Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial Operations and Entry Division, US Customs Office of Trade Policy & Programs.  Here’s a summary: In 2011, CBP launched the Simplified Processes [...]

CBP offering free Simplified Processes Initiative webinar

The Simplified Processes Initiative (SPI) is an effort to develop a transformation strategy to optimize the process of importing goods through collaboration with the trade and CBP. Click here to view a summary of the information that presenter Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial [...]

ACE: New and updated PGA info posted on

CBP has recently posted new and updated information on ACE and Partner Government Agencies on ACE PGA Filing Status – This document provides the filing status and points of contact for the PGAs in ACE. ACE PGA Filing Status – [...]

ACE implementation winding down

After several tumultuous years there is finally a light at the end of the ACE tunnel.  The next significant release falls into the “Post Release” bucket and covers drawback, liquidations, duty deferral, reconciliation, eBond, as well as a few more [...]

CBP advises to disable auto-complete functionality for ACE Portal passwords

From US Customs’ January 2017 ACE Monthly Trade Update:   [...]Read More... from CBP advises to disable auto-complete functionality for ACE Portal passwords

ACE reporting: CBP publishes updates for protest filers and more

With the postponement of the deployment of ACE post-entry functionality, shippers now have some time to familiarize themselves with US Customs’ recent update of ACE reporting capabilities. Specifically, the ACE Reports Team has recently deployed a new ACE Reports Workspace [...]


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