Category: Trade Transformation

Breaking news! CBP postpones deployment of Jan 14 ACE post-entry functionality

  From CSMS #17-000009:   Notice Regarding ACE – Postponement of the January 14 deployment This notice is with regard to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). The January 14, 2017, deployment of post release capabilities [...]

ACE: Recon “blanket flagging” to be discontinued on Jan 14

    Attention recon filers!  Effective January 14, US Customs will no longer apply ‘Blanket Reconciliation Flagging’ to entry summaries.  CBP has left it up to the importers and their brokers.  As a result, all reconciliation flagging must be done [...]

ACE: Update on PGA integration for exports

While much of the fanfare around ACE has been on the import side, US Customs continues to work with the PGAs to complete full integration in ACE for exports. Below is a table listing all the agencies that have export [...]

Be ready for Jan 14! Updated ACE documentation posted on

    With the deployment of complete ACE core processing on January 14, you should check out US Customs’ recently posted new and updated information concerning ACE and PGAs on, including: ACE Development and Deployment Schedule – This schedule [...]

ACE: Full core trade processing, including post-entry, deploys January 14!

    US Customs is preparing to deploy capabilities that will complete the delivery of core trade processing in ACE. The date for the deployment and mandatory transition of these capabilities will be January 14, 2017. The capabilities in the [...]

ACE Availability Dashboard keeps filers up-to-date

US Customs’ ACE Availability Dashboard provides a visual graphic of the current status of all ACE Application Servers and presents key availability and business metrics to all members of the international trade community, PGAs, and software developers.   The ACE [...]

FDA/CBP webinar on FDA supplemental guidance for ACE on 12/13

    FDA and CBP will host a webinar on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 2:30 pm Eastern Time.  The purpose of the webinar is to review updates to FDA’s Supplemental Guidance for ACE Version 2.5 and the related PGA Samples.  [...]

ACE: CustomNow’s Nic Adams on FDA’s new final rule on import entry

  The FDA just published a Final Rule in the Federal Register regarding requirements for the submission of information to the ACE. It is now mandated that select data elements be submitted into ACE at the time of entry for [...]


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