Category: ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

Switch from ACS to ACE Means Changes to Consignee and Importer Queries

The ability to query a consignee in ACS was shut off with the  September 15, 2017 ACE deployment, and CBP is not planning to create this same ability in the new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  Read on: In CBP’s legacy [...]

What exactly are CBP’s downtime procedures?

A follow up to our earlier blog regarding the downtime experienced on ACE on November 14,  CBP has released the following formal statement.  In it, they discuss the outage, their evaluation of the current downtime procedures, and what steps they are [...]

NCBFAA Seeking Input from Members on Most Recent ACE Downtime

The ACE outage on November 14th causes concern over current CBP downtime procedures. For a time system errors were preventing users from logging into the ACE Portal screens as well as issues with Trade electronic EDI message processing. See the original reports [...]

CBP’s New Announcement on the Transition of Duty Statements to ACE

On Wednesday, November 8th, CBP published a General Notice in the Federal Register announcing the transition of Daily and Preliminary Monthly Statements to ACE. “As of December 9th, 2017, ACE will be the sole CBP-authorized EDI system for generating, transmitting and updating daily and monthly [...]

Additional Information Regarding New Electronic In-bond Requirements

As an update to our Blog article of October 24th, on last Thursday’s ACE Technical Call it was announced that CBP has been receiving many questions regarding the new automated in-bond requirements which are scheduled to go into effect on [...]

Modifications to PSC and PMS Processes

Customs and Border Patrol Changes Timing     The Post Summary Correction has been modified. Out with the old requirements of 270 days from the date of entry and 20 days prior to scheduled liquidation date, and in with the new:300 [...]

Changes ahead for 2018: Reconciliation Entries and ACE Transitioning

With the processing of reconciliation entries transitioning to ACE on February 24, 2018, we wanted to let our readers understand the practical results.  For instance: ACE will be the sole mechanism to file Reconciliation entries (even if the underlying entries [...]

CSMS# 17-000621 – ALL In-bonds must be filed electronically, effective Nov. 27th, 2017!

Attention Carriers!  New CBP Requirement:  ALL In-bonds must be filed electronically, effective Nov. 27th, 2017! As initially announced by CBP in CSMS# 17-000621 “Publication of an FRN Concerning Changes to the In-Bond Process”, and the Federal Register Notice dated September 28th, effective [...]


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