Category: ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

Importer’s lament: “Why isn’t my release visible to my carrier?”

  Nic Adams, CustomsNow‘s Vice President, Client Services, offers guidance for importers who are frustrated that their carriers don’t seem to have visibility to shipment releases even when there is a CBP release on the cargo: I have a Customs release, [...]

ACE Portal: Updated CBP guidance for veterans and newcomers

  US Customs has updated web content to help users better understand the ACE Secure Data Portal —  perfect for members with existing portal access, and new trade members who are looking to gain access to the ACE Portal. The [...]

ATF importers: Updated ACE filing guide now available

The latest from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (CSMS 17-000248): The Department of the Treasury, Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has posted an updated ACE Filing Guide for TTB Related Commodities, V7.5. A list of changes [...]

ACE: CBP updates PGA Filing Status document

US Customs has posted an updated version of the PGA Filing Status document. The updated version includes the status of import and export PGA pilots, the accepted electronic filing methods, and indicates those PGAs that are no longer accepting paper [...]

Importers: This could be the cause of your FDA rejects

From CSMS #17-000227: CBP and FDA are in the process of updating the ACE PGA flags for FDA requirements.  Specifically, the tariff numbers that had flags for ACS OGA of FD0 are getting ACE PGA requirements updates to have either [...]

Get the latest scoop on CBP’s Simplified Processes Initiative

On March 24, the NCBFAA sponsored a webinar on the Simplified Processes Initiative, presented by Randy Mitchell, Director, Commercial Operations and Entry Division, US Customs Office of Trade Policy & Programs.  Here’s a summary: In 2011, CBP launched the Simplified Processes [...]

ACE: New and updated PGA info posted on

CBP has recently posted new and updated information on ACE and Partner Government Agencies on ACE PGA Filing Status – This document provides the filing status and points of contact for the PGAs in ACE. ACE PGA Filing Status – [...]

Even with ACE, importers still missing mission-critical line level part/SKU reporting

Now that import entry processing has completely converted to ACE, reports in the ACE portal are rapidly replacing the traditional ITRAC reports as the source of ‘truth’ for entry information.  Finally, importers have access to the single source of data [...]


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